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Sport: sports performance and CBD

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances, although it took two years for the measure to come into effect. Thus, since 2020, CBD has become an essential natural product for sports training, both the occasional athlete and the elite athlete . In fact, it was the star substance in the last Olympic Games, as it is not considered a doping substance. Furthermore, it is a completely safe component of cannabis, 100% legal, without side effects and not at all psychoactive.

It is known that CBD, which comes from a variety of cannabis plant called industrial hemp, helps the endocannabinoid system function more efficiently, a set of receptors present in the human body whose activity affects the entire organism, including the skin, hence their multiple benefits as cosmetic products.

The most popular CBD formats among professional athletes are oils and the creams . In our store you will also find the first CBD oil on the market to incorporate GABA into its formula. (Good Nightzzz, from hakunaOil ) . In 2022, this oil earned us the Isaac Peral National Research, Science and Innovation Award.

Another common hakunaOil oil used by athletes amateur and professional athletes is ours Isolated oil with mint aroma 10% CBD . Isolated means that it only contains CBD, giving up the rest of the cannabinoids to achieve 0% THC, the requirement that many athletes need to feel completely comfortable with its use during physical activity.

The dose of oil will depend on your muscle mass and other factors: you can calculate it here .

A little massage?

As for creams, it is known that their use is the best option in the sports field, as it has an immediate effect, while the oil acts more in the medium term. At ProfessorCBD we have the sports gels hakuLab Athletics, with heat and cold effect, for before and after sports activity, respectively. Both hydrate the skin and improve the athlete's quality of life.

Here we talk about some everyday uses that you can give to these gels , well, in addition to being great allies for high-intensity athletes for physical recovery ( the Spanish Snow Champion Josito Aragón uses them), They feel great for a massage after a long walk with the family. After all, not all physical exercise is hard training!

Finally, our amateur clients cycling They also tell us wonders about the hakuLab sports gels and hakunaOil oils for sports recovery . Gemma Corbera, professional Mountain Bike rider, has introduced both formats in her ritual before and after training sessions: “My favorite is the HakuLab CBD Athletics Fresh Effect Gel After sports, I take a shower with cold water and apply this gel thoroughly.” To stop the oxidative stress generated by any intense motor action (skin deterioration), Gemma also uses the Great Body Milk with CBD hakuLab CBD Cosmetics : a 100% natural rapid recovery thanks to the antioxidant properties of CBD.

Always demand quality

Always choose brands of recognized prestige: Only the high quality of the raw material will guarantee the effects. In addition, it would be advisable to have the advice of a physical trainer with an official title or athlete trainer, who will have the necessary knowledge of Sports Sciences to guide you on your new and exciting fit path.