THC-Free CBD Oil 5% (500mg) for Pets NalaTales
THC-Free CBD Oil 5% (500mg) for Pets NalaTales

THC-Free CBD Oil 5% (500mg) for Pets NalaTales

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CBD for Pets – CBD for Dogs and Cats

buy oil CBD for dogs and cats is a great choice

Who has a cat or a dog you want the best for him. And by "the best" we mean affection in abundance, but also a peaceful life . Thus, it is logical that humans wonder: if CBD or cannabidiol is good for humans, Why not transfer such benefits to our four-legged friends, pets? However, the cautious consumer will add: what works for me, is it really safe for my dog ​​or cat?

The answer is yes: frequent use of CBD (in this case, in its oily form) It does not imply any risk for our pets. It has no side effects. It is not psychoactive nor does it cause addiction in the animal.

First of all, it should be made clear that the CBD or cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of components of cannabis , formal brother of THC (the component of marijuana that does get you high) and completely legal .

How can I help my pet feel better with CBD?

Definitely, choosing the best CBD oil or extract for her. Our dog and cat owner buyers rave about its nourishing effects on the skin: it moisturizes the dermis of pets. However, in case of illness, we recommend speaking directly with the vet, because none of our products is intended to replace an animal medication. In addition, it will inform you about the proper dosage.

Having said that, dogs and cats are also receptors of the deep doses of well-being that quality CBD oils entail. We insist: without any type of psychoactive effect. If it suits you well, It will happen to your pet too.

I had read that there are several types of CBD oils, which is the most suitable for my dog?

You are not wrong: as we tell you in our category of CBD oils for human use, a cannabidiol oil can be broad spectrum, full spectrum (full spcetrum) or isolate, according to the natural substances that add to the CBD and the amount of THC it contains (by Law, in Spain, it cannot exceed 0.2%). NalaTales CBD Oil for dogs and cats is an isolated formulation (CBD in its oily base and nothing else), guaranteeing the or% THC, Only fee allowed on animals. We bet on a concentration of CBD at 5%. It can be used perfectly on a daily basis.

Wherever you shop, make sure you provide complete analytics and requires transparency in product traceability . At ProfesorCBD we always work with organic cultivation and 100% Spanish, to collaborate with the local and proximity economy.

Until January 2018, CBD oil was considered a food supplement in Spain, but a change in legislation removed cannabidiol oil from this category.

One of our mottos is piano, piano. Or what is the same: let's start slowly to gradually increase the dose, according to our dear four-legged friend's response.

Not to be stingy, can I share NataTales oil with my dog ​​or cat?

Our CBD oil for pets follows an isolated formula, like that of any other thought for use in humans: with natural substances Totally safe for people and animals . Among others, it contains olive oil. Therefore, there would be no problem in sharing CBD oil with your dog. Of course: it would be a shame if you missed the entourage effect our full spectrum hakuna Oil , which is the synergy between all the components of CBD oil (other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids). A wonderful cocktail that Nala can't afford... but you can.