THC-Free CBD Oil 5% (500mg) for Pets NalaTales
THC-Free CBD Oil 5% (500mg) for Pets NalaTales

THC-Free CBD Oil 5% (500mg) for Pets NalaTales

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CBD for Pets – CBD for Dogs and Cats

Buying CBD oil for dogs and cats is a great choice

Whoever has a cat or a dog wants the best for him. And by “the best” we mean abundant affection, but also a peaceful life . Thus, it is logical for humans to ask themselves: if CBD or cannabidiol is good for humans, why not transfer such benefits to our four-legged friends, pets? However, the cautious consumer will add: Is what works for me really safe for my dog ​​or cat?

The answer is affirmative: the frequent use of products with cannabidiol (in this case, in its oil format) does not imply any risk for our pets. Nor does it have adverse effects or other significant side effects. Our pet products have no psychoactive effects and do not cause addiction in the animal.

First of all, it is worth clarifying that CBD or cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of components of the cannabis plant , formal brother of THC (the component of marijuana that does get high) and completely legal .

How can I help my pet improve its quality of life thanks to CBD oil?

Without a doubt, choosing the best dog oil or CBD extract for her. Our dog and cat owner buyers rave about the nourishing skin effects of CBD oil – it hydrates dry pet skin. And this is just one of the many benefits of the oil.

Dogs and cats are also recipients of the deep doses of well-being that high-quality CBD oils provide. We insist: without any type of psychoactive effect. If it feels good to you, it will feel good to your pet too.

I had read that there are several types of CBD oils, which is the right product for my dog?

You are not wrong: as we tell you in our category of CBD oils for human use , a cannabidiol oil can be broad spectrum, full spectrum or full spectrum (with other quality cannabinoids in addition to CBD) or isolated, depending on the natural substances. that add to the CBD and the amount of THC it contains (by Law, in Spain, it cannot exceed 0.2%). NalaTales CBD oil for dogs and cats is an isolated formulation (CBD in its oil base and nothing else), guaranteeing 0 % THC, the only rate allowed in animals. We opt for a high concentration of CBD at 5%. It can be used perfectly on a daily basis. Product safety guaranteed.

Wherever you buy, make sure you get a lab analysis from certified laboratories of your cat oil. And it requires transparency in the traceability of the product to know its safety profile. At ProfessorCBD we always work with organic and 100% Spanish cultivation, to collaborate with the local and proximity economy. An organic oil (from organic farming) will always be of superior quality. MCT oil base is the most common.

One of our mottos is piano, piano. Or what is the same: let's start slowly to increase the dose little by little, according to the response of the different pets.

The appropriate dose will depend on the size of your pet. If it weighs less than 10 kg, we recommend a low dose. Here is a recommended dosage guide, depending on the weight of the animal. CBD oil for large, medium or small dogs is exactly the same, but each one will have a specific dosage.

  • <10kg = recommended dose of 1 drop per day
  • 10-20kg = daily dose of 2 drops per day
  • >20kg = daily dose of 3 drops per day

Furthermore, to make the right choice of product, read the label carefully: hemp oil or hemp extract is not CBD oil, nor does it have the same excellent properties. The natural ingredients of our Nala Tales CBD oil for pets are: MCT-based carrier oil (coconut oil), 99.9% isolated cannabidiol and salmon oil.

Without wanting to sound stingy, can I share NalaTales CBD oil with my dog ​​or cat?

Our oil for dogs follows an isolated formula, like any other oil designed for use in humans: with natural substances that are completely safe for people and animals . Therefore, unless you dislike the smell of fish, there would be no problem in sharing CBD oil with your dog or cat. Of course: it would be a shame if you missed the entourage effect of our full spectrum hakunaOil, which is the synergy between all the components of the oil rich in CBD (other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids). A wonderful cocktail, absent in dog oil, that Nala can't afford... but you can. Check out our entire range of products in oil format here: we have a wide variety. Free of heavy metals, without side effects. Here we answer other frequently asked questions about CBD.