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Vaper CBD: buy your CBD vape or vaporizer

Vaping is an unstoppable trend. According to data from Fundación Civismo, a think tank that analyzes the parameters of individual freedom in society, the number of vapers between 2016 and 2019 in Spain has doubled. And according to the Union of Vaping Promoters and Entrepreneurs, more than half a million people used this type of device in Spain in 2020. Added to these data is the mere observation: We see vaping on the subway, on social networks, at music festivals, in movies ... The vaping experience is here to stay. Our latest addition are the disposable vapes by KamikaCBD.

The use of CBD through this route is widely accepted, which is why you have a wide variety of products at your disposal, as well as a variety of models.

Types of CBD vaper or vaping devices for vaping lovers:

CBD vape. It is an electronic vaper that vaporizes liquid vaping extracts. Also known as electronic cigarettes. Compact and discreet, they are usually shaped like a pen. They allow you to enjoy a high percentage of the cannabinoids and terpenes of CBD. In ProfessorCBD you will find the CBD liquids for your KamikaCBD rechargeable vaper. In addition, we have a variety of disposable vape or electronic cigarette: the KamikaCBD CBD pod . These disposable vapers come with the liquid included and are for single use. The disposable vaper is a cheap vaper and a perfect product for those who vape CBD occasionally or simply lack the patience to fiddle with the rechargeable vaper every time it runs out. In comfort and simplicity, The disposable CBD pods are an unbeatable vaping device.

Our disposable pods are up to nine different flavors (variety of flavors: Banana Ice, Banana Kush, Berry Ice, Brownie, Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Mango, Marshmallow and Melon Mint). Each pod contains 150 mg of CBD in 2 ml of product. The rest of the ingredients in these disposable pods are typical of a quality eliquid : propylene glycol (fluid that allows flavor transmission) , vegetable glycerin (a natural alcohol extracted from plants with moisturizing and thickening properties) and aroma.

CBD vaporizer. They are similar to electronic cigarettes, but they work without liquid, directly heating the plant content (CBD flower or resin) in ceramic chambers that withstand high temperatures. As a result, they release cannabinoids and terpenes, giving their receptor a instant pleasure. In our online store you will find the PAX2 and PAX3 vaporizers , the most sophisticated and technological on the market. The PAX3, in its complete version, is one of the most advanced kits and supports CBD resins. 10 sessions per charge, 20 seconds warm-up. One of the best products in its category.

What are terpenes? The terpenes released by your electronic vaper are chemical substances responsible for the good aroma of plants. Of hemp, at least 150 are known. They are manufactured in the trichomes of CBD flowers and provide the experience of their use with some extra benefits, as well as very satisfactory aromas and sensations.

Other benefits of vaping or vaporizing CBD

Vaping or vaporizing CBD is one more way to benefit from the properties for which CBD is studied. No side effects . Another advantage of the vape is that it can be used in bars and restaurants: health authorities, unlike what happens with traditional tobacco, allow the use of vaping products in closed spaces, unless expressly prohibited by the establishment.

It is important to note that the effects of CBD can vary depending on the person and the dose used. Furthermore, its effectiveness is conditioned by the choosing a quality product. Always choose a reputable vape shop and CBD products grown with EU certified and organically grown seeds (free of toxic substances and chemicals). If you have any health-related questions, talk to your doctor first. Product not suitable for pregnant women.