Sensation Enhancer Lubricant with CBD · Lubets
Sensation Enhancer Lubricant with CBD · Lubets

Sensation Enhancer Lubricant with CBD · Lubets

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At ProfessorCBD we have selected the best CBD products for sex, in order to offer our users solutions in their sexual life. CBD is one of the components of the cannabis plant, completely legal and without psychoactive effects. Remember that the cannabis plant has two varieties, marijuana and industrial hemp. CBD comes from industrial hemp.

HakunaOil CBD oils are great allies for sexual pleasure. We recommend its 5% CBD concentration. Of course, remember to use it daily: CBD oil from the Cannabis Sativa plant is very effective, but it requires discipline on your part . Start with a low dose to see how your body responds.

In addition, mint-scented CBD oil is also ideal for topical use, just before or during sexual intercourse, because through body massages on the torso, legs or neck, it activates the skin's endocannabinoid system, making everything feel more and better. Plus, the smell of mint can be very inspiring. High quality.

The body responds to sexual stimulation by increasing blood flow, which contributes to natural lubrication. However, it is not always enough. Hence, lubricants and pleasure gels are other interesting formats for topical use with positive effects in this area, as long as they use organically grown cannabidiol, in significant quantities to notice its effects and take care of the rest of the ingredients (the more natural, better: let's not forget that the skin of the genitals is especially delicate). These can be used during the introduction or foreplay in bed.

An important question

Having sexual relations benefits our lives, and it is even thought to be reflected in a smooth and beautiful complexion. However, daily worries and rush do not always make a relaxed intimate encounter with your partner possible. Furthermore, we often lack sexual education.

The use of CBD for sex is another game that enriches sexual experiences, and, in turn, contributes to breaking down the taboo of this substance, a component of cannabis without significant side effects. In addition, it adds one more offer for users who want to enrich their intimacy with natural products or sex toys that improve their experience.

Erotic growth is part of our personal growth, so sexual activity, in addition to being a voluntary activity, has to be pleasurable, regardless of your sexual orientation.

And what does CBD have to do with this?

People turn to CBD for multiple and varied reasons related to their sexual lives, such as increasing pleasure in intimate encounters.

Another popular use of CBD is to use it directly as a lubricant , either in the form of an oil or cream. The receptors that the endocannabinoid system has in the skin of the sexual organs will take care of the rest. There are, in fact, lubricants and pleasure gels formulated directly with CBD, such as our Lubets Pleasure Gel . It is recommended to apply to the intimate or erogenous zone before sexual experience; It can be done directly or pour a small amount of product into your hand and then massage the area. The effects will begin to be noticed 20 minutes later. Provides a unique experience. Suitable for oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex.

Those who use CBD to improve their sexual life also declare that the genital areas become more sensitive, influencing a better perception of sensations: that is, sexual pleasure and performance increase . A healthy lifestyle will also help improve your sex life.