Terms of use of coupons and promotions

Discount coupons and promotions are a tool used by our marketing department to bring the benefits of CBD to the majority of people. Its purpose is to please customers, making them aware of our products at a special and affordable price. However, ProfessorCBD has to set rules on its application to guarantee the fair play. They are few, but important. This is how our coupons and promotions are used correctly:

  • Discount coupons and promotions are temporary. ProfessorCBD reserves the right to modify or cancel them at any time.
  • ProfessorCBD will cancel orders in which bad faith or an attempt to deceive the system and the conditions specified in writing are observed.
  • The conditions of use of coupons or promotions that are described in writing will prevail over possible technical errors. That is: if someone uses a technical failure to violate the conditions of the coupon or promotion, their purchase will be invalidated without prior notice. Although, normally, the customer service team will contact the buyer to offer them the opportunity to rectify.
  • Only one coupon can be used per purchase, except in special cases specified by ProfessorCBD.
  • Each promotion or coupon applies only to the items and quantity specified in the product sheet. Read it carefully before each purchase. We have written it with a lot of love so that, in addition to informing, it entertains.
  • If you still have questions, write to hello@profesorcbd.com or call us by phone. We will be happy to solve them.
  • In addition to the website, coupons and promotions will be communicated in some cases through the communication channels that ProfessorCBD decides in each case, such as newsletter, instagram or other websites. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive promotions!
  • Promotions are subject to all restrictions established through these channels, as well as on the website itself.
  • Some coupons can be used only once. Others, whatever the client wishes. The specific rules will be specified in each case.
  • There are non-transferable coupons and others that are shared: again, it will be specified in each case.
  • The promotions or coupons respond to an internal calendar that ProfessorCBD is not obliged to reveal: call us or write to us as much as you want, but we cannot tell you when we will launch the next 2×1.
  • Those who regularly visit our website and subscribe to our communication channels have more options than the rest to not miss our succulent offers. We also make noise through other channels, but they tend to be surprises: stay tuned and save as much as you can on your CBD purchases!