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Pack 60g Small Buds Try It All - Varied Genetics
Pack 60g Small Buds Try It All - Varied Genetics

Pack 60g Small Buds Try It All - Varied Genetics

Sifted Trio Pack 60g - Varied Genetics
Sifted Trio Pack 60g - Varied Genetics

Sifted Trio Pack 60g - Varied Genetics

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What you need to know before buying CBD flowers or CBD bud

CBD flower buds are a 100% natural product, grown without pesticides or additives. Our CBD buds come from cannabis plants (industrial hemp of the Cannabis Sativa variety, popularly known as legal marijuana) from ecological and organic cultivation certified by the European Union. The cannabis cultivation we work with is located in Andalusia: in La Alpujarra Granadina, Córdoba and Málaga. Our CBD buds are a legal product as they contain less than 0.2% THC. No psychoactive effects. High quality.

Our high-quality aromatic flowers contain other cannabinoids , such as CBDa, CBG and CBN, which can increase the pleasure that cannabis flowers provide, thanks to the entourage effect. These flower buds do not contain seeds and are grown in ecological environments in soil substrate to obtain the best possible quality, in terms of cannabinoids. If you don't have the space, time or knowledge to grow CBD plants, this is an excellent option to enjoy this cannabinoid. Legal cannabis without psychotropic effects.

CBD flowers can be grown with the GreenHouse cultivation method (indoor with natural light), outdoor cultivation or outdoor cultivation (in the open air) or indoor cultivation (in closed areas with artificial light). The wide range of La Cordobesa flowers are Greenhouse or Indoor.

Buy organically grown CBD flower: a wide variety of CBD flowers and resins

All La Cordobesa hemp flowers have high levels of CBD and a strong aroma. Excellent quality, guaranteed quality. These compact buds of the cannabis plant are legal and of superior quality. Free of heavy metals, without side effects.

Our best legal cannabis varieties or range of products are:

Flower La Cordobesa Tradicional, with 16.49% CBD. The crown jewel of CBD buds. According to our users, the best flower on the market. High CBD content, fragrant and compact bud. Grown in Granada (Spain). Kompolt seed. Strawberry aroma.

Flower La Cordobesa Naranjita , a Truffle Orange with a spectacular aroma, high percentage of CBD. One of our users' favorites. Fruity aroma.

Flower La Cordobesa Helada , preferred by some of our specialists who look for flowers at their best, advanced healing, dark color and intense fragrance.

Flor La Cordobesa Legal CL13 is one of our 2020 novelties from the Cordobesa family. Our growers believe it will soon be the number 1 CBD flower, overtaking La Cordobesa at 16.49%. Hyper-smelling bud and high percentage of CBD (13%) and resinous. Say hello to the trichomes that you will easily see on the bud.

Flor La Cordobesa Atleta , the favorite of our night owls, 15.17% CBD.

La Cordobesa Hash Hemp Resin . Did you know that to obtain a few grams of resin you need several kilos of flower? Imagine the quality of this blonde resin.

La Cordobesa Hash Hemp Hash , with 15.4% CBD. 100% Spanish product without terpenes, herbicides or pesticides. Grown in Andalusia, from certified Futura75 seeds.

La Cordobesa Limonera with 16.44% total CBD. Our Lemon Haze enters directly into the top 3. Penetrating smell and CBD to give and give away. Fruity notes. One of our most well-received CBD flowers.

La Cordobesa Súper Limonera , with 23.58% CBD. It is a Lemon Haze variety and its citrus aroma is spectacular. In the top 5 CBD flowers in the ProfessorCBD catalogue. Especially light colored bud. High concentration of CBD. From indoor crops.

The Charas OG Kush Hemp La Cordobesa® Hash , with 14.72% CBD. It is the most artisanal of the resins. It is made by hand, from live and carefully selected plants. Only the most lustrous CBD buds are allowed. It has a higher percentage of CBD than the rest of the resins in its family: 14.72%. The higher the concentration of cannabidiol, the greater the effect of the substance. Futura 75 seed certified by the European Union.

La Cordobesa Amnesia Haze , with 22.20% CBD. It belongs, without a doubt, to the top 3 of the best CBD flowers that we have had at ProfessorCBD. It has an extraordinary percentage of cannabidiol, so its effects are superior to those of the rest. Its buds are very compact and we can see an orange-green color due to the large amount of trichomes and pistils. High concentration of CBD. From indoor crops.

La Cordobesa Tiki Taka, with 13% CBD. You will like the aroma of this flower if you like refined, sweet and subtle notes. Its bud is especially compact and with very few leaves. A delicatessen with notes of red fruits. Our most economical indoor flower.

La Generosa® Aromatic Industrial Hemp Flower, with 4% CBD. With the La Generosa family of flowers we mark a milestone in our history as a company: launching the cheapest cannabidiol flower on the market, at an unbeatable price of 5 euros per gram. Because, what is the point of hoarding endless benefits if there is not a majority who enjoys them? It has its own hashish .

The CBG Flower La Cordobesa Cannabigerol , with 8% CBG. This flower is rich in the cannabinoid that is sweeping the US, CBG. As pleasant as CBD flowers, but with a cleaner and silverier appearance, thanks to the reflection provided by its trichomes. Fruity smell, sweet aroma.

La Flor de CBG La Cordobesa Navideña , with 5.7% CBG. The hypnotic silver color of its trichomes and a super powerful aroma. Furthermore, not only does it have 5.7% total CBG, but unlike CBD flowers, CBG flowers have practically no THC (<0.01%), providing extra peace of mind to its users.

We have the same varieties of flowers in small buds, a very economical way to try a quality product.

If you want to know more details about hemp plants, read this post about size and origin. A spoiler: the best crops are from Spain and Portugal. The cultivation of hemp in countries like Switzerland, so popular lately, does not always meet the demands that greenhouse cultivation requires.

Buy cannabis buds and preserve their beneficial effects

CBD is a substance with its own legal framework and without side effects. La Cordobesa flowers and resins, which are sold only at ProfessorCBD, do not exceed a THC content of 0.2%, which is what the Law establishes, and have passed all quality controls. They do not have psychoactive effects. We recommend always demanding from your supplier a complete analysis of the product as well as cultivation certificates.

To the eye and to the touch, the highest quality CBD buds stand out for being rich in clear trichomes (a sign that terpenes are abundant) and having a crunchy and sticky texture.

To preserve the perfect humidity and keep the bud density, product quality and direct effects of the chosen cannabis variety intact, we recommend storing your CBD flowers in airtight containers in a cool, dry place away from any light source. The correct humidity ranges between 50% and 60%. Hemp buds are natural and delicate products that can be damaged by excess light or humidity, as well as other external aggressions (extreme environmental conditions). Pamper them a lot to maintain their level of quality and live your sensory experience to the fullest.

How and when to use CBD flowers or hemp flowers

La Cordobesa CBD flowers are classified as aromatic products. Their sale is completely legal and the ProfessorCBD cannabis community uses them in moments of relaxation. No side effects.