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Lydia de Luis
This CBD pleasure gel is amazing! Silky texture and herbal aroma. Ideal for use with toys. Increases the pleasure and intensity of orgasms. Totally recommended!
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What you need to know about CBD pleasure gels for your sexual relations

It was a matter of time before CBD or cannabidiol would display all its benefits in the formulation of pleasure gels, those ointments that facilitate intimate relationships by providing various effects and enhancing sensations related to sex.

The fundamental difference between intimate lubricants and pleasure gels is that while intimate lubricants are used, fundamentally, to facilitate penetration during vaginal or anal sex, pleasure gel fulfills a broader objective of activating our senses throughout the sexual experience, especially in the moments before intercourse. In addition, the CBD pleasure gel, like the intimate lubricant, provides genital hydration, therefore increasing natural lubrication during vaginal sex and facilitating female orgasms. It is recommended for anal sex. It is an excellent massage gel.

There are pleasure gels with different added values, how to provide more sensitivity to pleasure (more intense caresses, longer lasting orgasms), add effects to the experience (stimulating gels: ideal for preliminary massages) or facilitate oral sex (with very exciting aromas).

All these benefits have an impact on sexual pleasure, much more satisfying intimate encounters and optimal lubrication, giving rise to a more intense female and male orgasm (CBD pleasure gels are orgasm enhancers). Users of CBD pleasure gels claim that This super ingredient sharpens your senses, providing a unique experience and intense pleasure. According to a survey by the Remedy Reviews website, 62% of its users have increased their level of pleasure and quality of sex since they have incorporated CBD into their lives. The pleasure gel format is, without a doubt, quite a pleasure enhancer.

Other details of our pleasure gels with CBD.

  • There are three types of pleasure gels, like types of lubricants: water-based/water-based, oil-based (seed oil or almond oil), and silicone-based.
  • It is a little thicker than pleasure gel or intimate lubricant that does not contain CBD.
  • Thanks to the cosmetic properties of CBD, its use also hydrates and repairs the intimate area. Does not cause skin irritation. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • CBD from organic hemp, grown in the fields of Andalusia.
  • More than 90% natural ingredients.
  • 0% THC.

How to use pleasure gels and natural lubricants

It is recommended to apply to the intimate area or any other erogenous area (back, nipples...) before the sexual experience: it can be done directly or pour a small amount of product into your hand and then massage the area. The effects will begin to be noticed 20 minutes later. Long-lasting action: there will be no need to resort to uncomfortable reapplications thanks to its long duration. External use. Do not apply near the eyes. Do not ingest, unless the product indicates that it is suitable for this (pleasure gels for oral sex). Keep away from high temperatures. Its use can be combined with sex toys.

Are there any risks associated with using CBD intimate lubricants and pleasure gels?

No side effects associated with the use of CBD have been described. However, as with all products that are applied to the skin (and even more so with pleasure gels, which come into contact with the mucous membranes), it is advisable to ensure the high quality of the raw materials used. Always bet on products from CBD from organic hemp, as well as by manufacturers who specify the amount and origin of the CBD used on the label.