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CBD oil 10% Premium hakuna oil Good nightzzz
CBD oil 10% Premium hakuna oil Good nightzzz

CBD oil 10% Premium hakuna oil Good nightzzz

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What is CBD oil and why could it make my life better?

CBD oil is the oily form of cannabidiol, an ingredient that comes from the cannabis plant and could very well be defined as the formalite member of the family. Among the more than 100 substances that make up this plant, CBD is the second in abundance and, unlike THC (its mischievous brother: the one that does get high), it does not cause any type of psychoactive effect.

All of our high-quality CBD oil comes from industrial hemp, which is a totally legal Cannabis Sativa variety in Spain. In order not to mess with the names, check here our Glossary of terms.

Its oil format is ideal for those who enjoy smooth or creamy textures. Its aroma of wood and golden tones invite, in turn, to an organoleptic journey towards the most pleasant notes of nature. natural ingredients.

It is important that you know that CBD oil and hemp seed oil are not the same. The former is much more beneficial. Look among the ingredients of your oil that really contains CBD. No side effects.

There are several types of CBD oil: which one is right for me?

In effect, there are three classes of cannabidiol oil: isolated cannabidiol oil, broadband or broad-spectrum cannabidiol oil, and full spectrum or full-spectrum cannabidiol oil. What is yours...? Here we go.

CBD Oil Isolate

CBD in its oil base, and nothing else. Thus, the absolute absence of THC is ensured (in any case, in the rest of CBD oils its dose will never be higher than 0.2%, what is allowed by Law: that is, the human body does not even notice it). In exchange for 0.0, yes, the entourage effect is lost with other cannabinoids that are usually present in CBD oil, such as CBG, CBN or CBC (all safe, non-psychoactive). Their interaction enhances the properties of CBD.

At ProfessorCBD, we follow the formula of isolation in the dog and cat oils , as it is the only one allowed in animals, and we make sure that they do not receive THC levels. The line NalaTales by Hakuna Oil It is 99.9% isolated CBD, with some olive oil and natural aromas. Its effect on pets is equal to that of humans. It is recommended to consult with the veterinarian beforehand.

We also have an isolate CBD oil for people, the Mint scented oil 10% CBD, the preferred hakunaOil for those who need extra security, such as professional athletes or state security forces. Ideal, in turn, for those who do not enjoy the aroma of hemp. Maximum quality.

Full Spectrum CBD oil.

They are full spectrum CBD oils. In other words, in addition to CBD, the undisputed protagonist of the film, other natural substances coexist, such as CBG, CBN, CBC, minimal amounts of THC, terpenes, flavonoids... A very complete cocktail that is associated with great benefits. Imagine a tomato sauce (the vegetable is the CBD): if it goes alone, it is its isolated version; if you add garlic, olive oil, pepper, cumin and a pinch of salt, you have a wonderful stir-fry... sorry, a Full Spectrum.

At ProfesorCBD we guarantee that the amounts of THC will never be higher than 0.2% (no psychotropic effects, no side effects), and we work with various combinations in our full spectrum CBD oils from hakunaOil . Wherever you buy, always demand complete analysis of your CBD products: superior quality in this market requires transparency.

Finally, one of the great added values ​​of our CBD oils, whether isolated or Full Spectrum, is that they are made with three types of base: MCT, olive oil and hemp oil.

CBD Broadband or Wide Spectrum Oil.

Like Full Spectrum, but with 0% THC. The rest of the molecules that come from the plant do remain intact. Today, broadband or broad-spectrum oils are meaningless, because full-spectrum CBD oils can already meet this requirement: look on the label or analysis of your CBD oil that there are no THC levels.

Why is hakunaOil Buenas Nochezzz 5% CBD oil known as 'the oil of mothers'?

ProfessorCBD was born in 2018, after the personal research of its CEO, Borja Iribarne, into a natural substance that would help his mother. It was also that Iribarne decided to set up his own company. Today, her mother continues to use hakunaOil Buenas Nochezzz 5% CBD oil, but, by divine coincidence, this is the preferred oil for most of the elderly mothers who buy on our website.

How can I help my dog ​​with CBD oil?

The standard dosage is:

<10 kg = 1 drop per day 10-20 kg = 2 drops per day >20 kg = 3 drops per day

In any case, we recommend you consult with your trusted vet.

Some dogs may experience the benefit within minutes. Others may take hours. But, based on previous experience gathered, it is recommended use the oil a couple of days before the trip or situation that you want to alleviate, to ensure your action.

And what percentage of CBD in the oil is right for me?

At ProfessorCBD, we have concentrations in our CBD oils of 5%, 10%, 15% and 30%. CBD or cannabidiol is of the same quality in all its concentrations, but it is more or less present, so the effects of the oil are noticeable to a lesser or greater extent (unlike THC, it never has psychoactive effects). for shy, CBD oils with a concentration of 5% are a great first contact . Our clients rave about the 10%: the comfort zone for most of them. Remember that you have it with mint scent or to plant hemp, Those who need an extra contribution find great allies in CBD oils at 15% and 30%.

If you are still not sure which hakunaOil is best for you, we have this recommender Created from the feedback of our users. It will take you less than 10 seconds to know your recommendation.

an improved formula

In all cases of Full Spectrum CBD Oil, the ProfesorCBD formula has just been improved, adding to its contribution of CBD or cannabidiol a notable increase in the rest of the cannabinoids (always with THC levels below 0.2%). Our new CBD oil is now darker and thicker and its entourage effect has been multiplied. In addition, they contain terpenes, flavonoids and phytosterols. The hemp plant from which our CBD comes has been cultivated under the criteria of the organic seal , which guarantees that the plant has grown in soil rich in quality nutrients and, therefore, has absorbed many of them. Our CBD oils meet these requirements, but there is much more.

Triple base. As we have mentioned, it is one of the differentiating values ​​of hakunaOil, by adding to CBD the benefits of olive, hemp and coconut oils.

Tocopherol added. It is an extra contribution of vitamin E in all Full Spectrum.

Elaboration mode . Our way of making oils is much more expensive than that of other manufacturers who bet on the bargain without efficiency. However, even if you can raise the price, it's the only way to guarantee the effects of CBD oils . The hakunaOil formula respects the richness of cannabis. As? Instead of upping the percentage of an oil by pouring in CBD isolate, we use a distillate of 85% CBD and other cannabinoids, such as CBG or CBN, and dilute it in an oil base. That is, the proportions of the rest of the cannabinoid are respected, to cause the entourage effect of all of them. (joint action).

Our oils do not contain heavy metals.

Wait, what are the terpenes in hakunaOil CBD oil?

Well, some great friends that Nature gives us. Plants are thought to generate them to protect themselves from predators and attract pollinators. In any case, they are organic compounds with interesting natural properties that define the olfactory notes of hemp. But it is that, in addition, they optimize the effects of CBD. Pinene, for example, has a piney scent; and the citrus aroma of D-Limonene is a delight for the senses.

What is the optimal way to use CBD oils?

Until January 2018, CBD oil was considered a food supplement in Spain, but a change in legislation separated cannabis oil from this category. Until then, its administration had always been oral, since it increases bioavailability. We insist: it only happens in countries where the direct intake of CBD is regulated. It is not the case of Spain.

The new national regulation obliges all CBD companies to warn that their products are not suitable for human consumption, but for cosmetic use. CBD oil cannot be vaporized.

All CBD oils must be stored in places where the temperature does not exceed 25º. And, in no case, do they replace medications or therapies prescribed by doctors. Each bottle of our CBD oil is born from the commendable effort of farmers, formulators and other connoisseurs of the natural world whose mission is to condense the most essential pillars of good living into a simple liquid substance. This is what you will find in each bottle of our CBD oil.

Ok, I want to buy CBD oil. can you help me

The first thing you have to decide is what percentage of CBD or cannabidiol you want in your CBD oil. In the ProfessorCBD online store, we have the four aforementioned concentrations:

Buy CBD Oil Premium hakunaOil 30% Full Spectrum with MCT base : the choice of our customers looking for something powerful. The carrier oil is coconut oil, but also a small part of olive oil and organic hemp oil.

Buy CBD Oil Premium hakunaOil 15% Full Spectrum with MCT base : another medium-high power option. The carrier oil is coconut oil, but also a small part of olive oil and organic hemp oil.

Buy CBD Oil Premium hakunaOil 10% Full Spectrum with MCT base: the comfort zone of the majority, who are looking for a few daily drops of CBD for a better life. The carrier oil is coconut oil, but also a small part of olive oil and organic hemp oil. There is a version with aroma mint 0% THC.

Buy CBD Oil Premium hakunaOil 5% Full Spectrum with MCT base: for a first contact with CBD oil or cannabidiol. The carrier oil is coconut oil, but also a small part of olive oil and organic hemp oil.

we also have the line hakunaOil Good Nightzzz with GABA , with a CBD concentration of 5% or 10%. GABA levels are maintained in both formulas: 10%.

And we have a specific line for animals, NalaTales CBD Oil, that responds to the isolated formula: the only CBD oil suitable for dogs and cats.

All our oils have passed exhaustive quality controls.

A correct dosage: how many drops of oil do I use?

Each endocannabinoid system is unique, like fingerprints. Therefore, each person responds differently to CBD. It is important that you practice self-listening and write down the improvements, until you refine with the dose that works for you. we make it easy for you this CBD and drops calculator of oil to have a starting dose.

Do not despair if you do not notice the effects instantly: we recommend that you be patient. Some people report improvements within minutes of using their CBD oil, while others need up to two weeks to do so. If you have waited that long and still do not notice a change, consider using other CBD products, such as CBD gels, CBD eliquids or CBD flowers (more pronounced effect, but less sustained over time).

None of our products replace a medicine.

If you still find that CBD in this format is not the best way for you to use CBD, you can visit our catalog of CBD products and choose another one that suits your needs. Among our CBD products, we also offer you resins, flowers and much more.


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