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Learn a little more about CBD or cannabidiol

CBD is one of the two most important components of the cannabis plant or hemp plant, and is found in variable proportions depending on the strain.

Species that have high concentrations of psychoactive components (THC) and low concentrations of non-psychoactive components (CBD) are classified as marijuana.

On the other hand, if it has the opposite conditions, low THC and high CBD, it is known as hemp, and is removed from the psychotropic lists.

Furthermore, it is important to differentiate both plants since they come from different seeds. Industrial hemp, to comply with current legislation, must come from certified seed authorized by the EU. With it, natural products designed for well-being are made.

All products sold on ProfessorCBD come from authorized certified seeds. High quality.

Plants grown in Spain, which reduces the transportation footprint and invests in the local social and economic fabric.

CBD flower buds La Cordobesa

The buds of Flor de CBD la Cordobesa are made from organic hemp and come in 11 varieties:

La Cordobesa Traditional CBD Flower

La Cordobesa Helada CBD Flower

La Cordobesa Naranjita CBD Flower

CBD Flower La Cordobesa Legal

La Cordobesa Athlete CBD Flower

CBD flower La Cordobesa LImonera

La Cordobesa Super Limonera CBD Flower

CBD Flower La Cordobesa Cannabigerol

La Generosa Traditional CBD Flower,

La Cordobesa Amnesia Haze CBD Flower

and Flor de CBG La Cordobesa Navideña.

Each variety of La Cordobesa CBD Flower comes from a different variety and has a different percentage of CBD and CBG. Of course, all of them have less than 0.2% THC as required by Spanish legislation.

We highlight some of your favorites:

The La Cordobesa CBD Flower , also known as La Cordobesa Tradicional, has 16.49% total CBD. In its product sheet you can see its photos and analytics in addition to purchasing it by clicking here

La Cordobesa Helada CBD Flower It has a total CBD percentage of 10.97% and you can see its product sheet and buy it by clicking here

The Orange Cordoba It is an Orange Bud with 9%, fruity tones and a very special essence. In your page You will be able to see a specialized review with all its nuances and a photo with a USB magnifying glass. It is the CBD Flower preferred by many clients.

La Cordobesa Legal It has been the surprise CBD Flower in 2020 thanks to its powerful smell and high percentage of CBD 10.13% total. You can buy your CBD flower here

Here you can see  all the others.

hakunaOil CBD oil

We have several types of CBD Oil, all of them with ingredients of natural origin and olive oil, hemp oil and coconut oil among their carrier oils. Maximum quality.

Full Spectrum hakunaOil oils , with different concentrations of CBD: from 5% to 30%.

Oils with GABA hakunaOil.

10% CBD Isolated Oil Mint Aroma hakunaOil. Isolate means 0% THC.

NalaTales Pet Oil by hakunaOil. With salmon aroma and 0% THC.

hakuLab CBD cosmetics.

With more than 90% natural ingredients. They contain essential oils that enhance the action of CBD. Check here the best CBD products for topical use on the market.