¿Qué es el aceite de cáñamo? Usos y beneficios

What is hemp oil? uses and benefits

Hemp oil is an oil extracted from the hemp seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is an alternative to other vegetable oils, due to its contribution in healthy fatty acids. It is an oil rich in antioxidants, calcium, manganese, potassium, vitamins A and E, zinc and omegas 3 and 6. It can be beneficial for skin, nails and hair. It has a flavor similar to walnut, so, gastronomically, it gives a very original touch to dishes such as hummus or pesto sauce. It contains practically no CBD.

Uses of hemp oil

There are those who cook with it, ingest it directly (one or two teaspoons a day), use it as a cosmetic to apply to the skin or consume it with manufactured products that have it among their ingredients, as is the case with our hemp bears with strawberry flavor .. This way of taking advantage of the benefits of hemp oil It is also a very pleasant experience for the senses. The La Cordobes sweets are finger-licking delicious. High quality.

La Cordobesa hemp oil bears with a delicious strawberry flavor.

Hemp oil improves the appearance of dry skin by regenerating and hydrating the skin.

Differences between hemp oil and CBD oil

hemp oil and CBD oil they are not the same. As we have explained to you previously, although both come from the cannabis plant or hemp plant, the first is a gastronomic ingredient of great nutritional interest, but it does not contain CBD, the extraordinary component of cannabis. While hemp oil, as seed oil, is obtained by cold pressing hemp seeds, for CBD oil The valuable cannabidiol must be extracted very carefully from the plant. (CO2 extraction). It is then formulated in an oil base (in our case, triple base), which includes hemp oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. There is no cold pressing.

CBD oil is a more interesting product than hemp oil. Now, why not incorporate both into your routine? In the image, 5% CBD oil Buenas Nochezzz with GABA.

Hemp oil is a wonderful food. CBD oil is much more . We recommend you buy CBD oil , without, therefore, turning your back on hemp oil in your daily routine. Why choose between these two elixirs, lords and masters of the vegetable oil kingdom?

In our catalog of CBD oils you will find several concentrations, from 5% to 30%, from the hakunaOil brand, with and without GABA . To find out which one suits you, we have  this recommended r, as well as a calculator drops to fine-tune the dose. The number of hemp bears... is up to you.