Cómo almacenar tus flores de CBD para que duren y duren

How to store your CBD flowers so they last and last

Dry, brown, scratchy...? Nobody wants to see their CBD flowers in that state. Therefore, it is important to follow a series of tips to keep your precious natural substance in good condition. CBD flowers do not expire, but their potency, effects and organoleptic profile may be reduced: CBD buds are very sensitive to any change in the environment. Our advice is that you do not delay using them more than six months after purchasing them.

Furthermore, during this time, they must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from any heat source and without direct sunlight, which would end up degrading the CBD and other cannabinoids. In the case of La Cordobesa , the flower will arrive in heat-sealed kraft paper bags , a material that prevents humidity and air from coming into contact with the buds, causing their deterioration or the appearance of mold . Your mission is to preserve that state of excellence in the CBD flower.

La Cordobesa Kraft Paper Flower Bags keep the buds at their perfect level of humidity.
La Cordobesa Kraft Paper Flower Bags keep the buds at their perfect level of humidity.

The correct humidity for maintaining a CBD flower ranges between 50% and 60%. Our flowers are monitored throughout the entire storage and handling process to always remain within those values. When you receive them, you will have to protect them from alterations, always storing them away from any source of humidity that may be in your home, such as the basement, bathroom or kitchen. Excess humidity would cause mold to appear on the flower.

Neither in the refrigerator nor in the hottest room in the house

It is also not advisable to store the flower in the hottest rooms of the house, as the dry heat would end up drying out your CBD flowers. The ideal temperature for storage is between 5º and 19º. The fridge? It is not a good idea, since humidity and condensation darken the CBD flower and make it lose its aroma. CBD flowers are also not suitable for freezing.

When choosing a container to store them in, the main requirement is that they have an airtight seal, that is, with a type of seal that does not allow air to pass through: an excess of oxygen could lead to oxidation of the flower and its consequent loss. of properties. Our La Cordobesa bags are 100% airtight. However, when you open them, they lose this quality. Thus, unless you have a heat sealing machine at home, in order to reseal the package, you will have to transfer your buds to a glass, ceramic or metal jar. Plastic is not advisable, as it is believed to accelerate the aging of the plant. Regarding the opacity of the container material, it is only necessary if it is going to be in a bright place: remember that light damages CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids. In that case, opt for bottles that do not let light through.

It is common to store CBD flowers in zip-lock plastic bags inside a drawer, but we insist that plastic is not a material CBD friendly, since it generates static electricity that breaks the CBD buds, causing them to lose trichomes and cannabinoids, which you will see attached to the bag. In front of a plastic bag, Our kraft paper packaging is much better.

In conclusion, look for a dark, cool and dry place, do not handle the flower beyond the moment of use (when you touch it, trichomes and pistils stick to your fingers, leaving it increasingly dry) and always use airtight containers that are not plastic Thus, your CBD flower will extend its useful life and, therefore, you will notice all its benefits for longer.