CBD en farmacias: Legal, seguro y natural

CBD in pharmacies: Legal, safe and natural

The CBD creams and oils They are products that little by little are finding their deserved place in community pharmacies. At ProfessorCBD, we want to celebrate that our hakuLab CBD-rich creams and hakunaOIl CBD oils are starting to be available in many of the Spanish pharmacies , after achieving, for all our products, the National Pharmacy Codes. An achievement that will allow citizens who feel more comfortable with offline purchases to enjoy the benefits of CBD . Among the hakuLab Cosmetics creams, you can find one facial for mature skin , other anti-acne for young skin and the Body Lotion for Great Bodies , moisturizing, and nourishing. Besides, the hakuLab Athletics sports line is made up of two sports gels rich in CBD , for before and after exercise . CBD is one of the most interesting components of the cannabis plant. No side effects.

Where to buy high quality CBD oil ?

At our Guide to Buy CBD Online , we already talked to you about the importance of making a little preliminary research before buying your natural product on the Internet. Check the brand reliability, check labels and ingredients, confirm the existence of analyzes done by independent laboratories, Consult any questions about the quality of the product with customer service or certify the organic origin of the hemp were some of the requirements that we mentioned. In our online store ProfessorCBD.com We strive to offer you the best products at a reasonable price, but we understand that sometimes you feel like trying other brands or e-commerces. For this reason, we list some essential requirements so that they do not give you it with cheese: unfortunately, there are apparent bargains on the Internet which are actually very low quality products (or even just hemp oil), which will not be effective and will make you lose the opportunity to feel the true effects of cannabidiol oil.

In addition to our website, you can also find hakunaOil CBD oil and hakuLab sports creams and gels at your trusted pharmacy. The pharmacist will be prepared to tell you about the uses and benefits of our products, will have samples available in case you are not sure if this CBD oil or CBD cream is for you and will represent the rigor and high quality of our brands. We know that for many of you the presence of our CBD in pharmacies is important: 98% of Spaniards fully trust their pharmacist , according to a study carried out by the social research consultancy GAD3.

Why do pharmacists trust hakunaOil CBD oils and hakuLab CBD creams?

Not all CBD is the same and many users report a lack of transparency. Our brands hakuLab and hakunaOil guarantee the crop traceability from production to point of sale. Our CBD in pharmacies is the answer to that rigorous need, thanks to the natural and original formulas of creams and CBD oil and our exhaustive knowledge of the raw material.

The qualities of our hakuLab sports creams and gels that pharmacists love are:

  • More than 90% ingredients of natural origin.
  • No product with less than 4 mg of CBD per ml of product. Are the creams with the most cannabidiol on the market.
  • Transparency in the mg of CBD per product, unlike other brands that tend to hide it.
  • Organically grown hemp.
  • Laboratory recognized with the Isaac Peral National Prize for Innovation, Science and Research.

The qualities of our hakunaOil CBD oil that pharmacists love are:

  • Dilution of 85% CBD distillate in an oil base to respect the richness of cannabis: cannabinoids and terpenes. Here you can read in depth about our Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum formula . Among all the types of oils, it is undoubtedly the most precious, although we also have a  Isolated CBD oil 0% THC with mint aroma .
  • Triple carrier oil base (olive, hemp and MCT oil) and added tocopherol.
  • Oil made with organic hemp grown in Andalusia.
  • High concentration to notice the effects with just a few drops: 5%, 10%, 15% and 30%.
  • Laboratory recognized with the Isaac Peral National Prize for Innovation, Science and Research.

If you already have your CBD oil with you, you can check here How many drops of oil correspond to you per day.

Conclusion on the presence of CBD in pharmacies

Given the great satisfaction of users with cannabidiol, it is not surprising that CBD oils and creams are for sale in Spanish pharmacies. Now, as with purchasing oil online, you have to opt for a reliable and prestigious brand of oil to notice the benefits of CBD. The good part is that your pharmacist will know how to guide you in the choice with a little more judgment (sorry) than Mr Google.