7 rutinas de autocuidado en las que puedes usar tus geles deportivos de CBD

7 self-care routines in which you can use your CBD sports gels


You are kind to the greengrocer, to the neighbor in the room, to your mother-in-law, to coworkers... But are you kind to yourself? That's what self-care is about: stopping for a bit and looking at your navel (very closely). To find some time for yourself, to pamper yourself and take care of yourself. To understand that only if you treat yourself well, you will be able to do the same with the rest. In case of a plane crash (forgive the macabre comparison), put on your oxygen mask first.

Undoubtedly, the CBD fever fits into this proposal for individual well-being, a substance that has found a place in the drawer of our most valuable things, along with your football team card, the novel you don't want to finish or the Phone number of your physical therapist . CBD or cannabidiol comes in different formats, such as flower , oil , cream or sports gel. And today we stop at the latter: the Athletics sports gels, with a hot and cold effect, from the hakuna Oil brand, which we have for sale in the Take me to the gym pack , with a gift bag. But how exactly are they used?

If you are an inveterate athlete, you will have them to activate before sweating, and to recover afterwards . CBD is studied for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, making it an essential part of the routine of successful athletes. In fact, it was the star substance of the last JJ OO . Now, your CBD sports gels have many other uses related to the aforementioned self-care. These are some of those collected by the New York journalist Sophie Saint Thomas in her work The Little Book of CBD and Self-Care. Each one more tempting...

1 . Lift weights. Did you know that strength exercises multiply the 'fat burning effect' of any cardiovascular activity? Well, we already tell you: don't-despise-the-weights. In addition, getting muscular means lifting more and more weight. Listen to your body to find the right charge: it is an incomparable moment of connection with oneself. There are studies that associate the previous use of CBD with a lower risk of injuries. The CBD Athletics heat effect gel will help you push your limits...

2. Stretch. Taking time to stretch your muscles each morning is a technique endorsed by experts to increase relaxation, improve posture and reduce muscle tension . That stiffness that many of us feel throughout the day is, in turn, painful. Therefore, any anti-inflammatory and analgesic substance that precedes stretching is a win win. And if it's natural on top of that... Hello, CBD. Try massaging with our gels before and after the routine: those who do it daily claim to feel the difference. The topical use of CBD is the one recommended by our community for immediate actions .

3 . Practice abdominal breathing. The way we breathe is associated with a host of health benefits. This technique consists of taking advantage of the space between the abdomen and the lungs to expand the diaphragm. In addition to helping hard abs, it is recommended for being a source of relaxation and contributing to an increase in concentration. Stress, for its part, manifests itself in joint and muscle pain. A piece of advice: practice it in your self-care moment and conclude the ritual with a CBD gel massage on the knees, for example. Or any other area where you feel your nerves manifest. All a natural anxiolytic.

4. Take an anti-stress walk . Mindful walking, they call it. Choose a nice place... and burn sole. Do it at a fast pace (ideally between 5 and 7 km/h, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine ) and trying to focus your attention on the here and now . CBD is studied to increase concentration (for this purpose, the appropriate format is oil and flowers). But the CBD hakuna Oil sports gels can help you in this mindfulness exercise. Simple: when you have walked for at least half an hour, sit somewhere and start massaging your legs with the Hakuna Oil Athlete heat effect gel . Making repetitive movements is a strategy supported by studies to reach that long-awaited blank state of mind. In addition, it will ease the burden of the walk. We have 50 ml bottles to carry comfortably in your bag or backpack.

5. Try a basic yoga pose . Yoga and CBD are blood brothers. They share benefits and empower each other. For neophytes, the oriental discipline can be complicated, but there are very simple positions to start without fear, such as the lotus flower position, which consists of sitting with the back straight and legs crossed, raising the knees above the line Of the waist. It is known to work against back pain. Apply your CBD gel before and after making it. The common benefits of yoga and CBD, according to studies, are the following: pain reduction, stress and anxiety relief, increased concentration and sleep regulation.

6. Get a wrist massage. Spending all day typing on the computer or fiddling with your mobile phone has consequences for the wrists, which end up suffering from injuries such as tendonitis or tendon inflammation. Luckily, CBD is not only studied for its anti-inflammatory action, but also for attacking pain itself, reporting significant improvements based on feedback from our customers. Massaging your wrists in a circle two or three times a day with our CBD gels will also help you remember the importance of taking time for yourself.

7. Make one journey a day by bike. In addition to being a sustainable means of transport, the bicycle kills two birds with one stone: it takes you back and forth and exercises your body. It is considered a cardiovascular exercise, so it is perfect for losing weight. And it sculpts legs and butt. Cycling and CBD are another very well-matched couple. Our Hakuna Oil Athletics CBD gels speed up muscle recovery, so you won't be too lazy to ride again the next day. They attack unwanted inflammation: bye bye shoelaces. And if there is a bruise or injury, the Cold Effect CBD gel will become your best ally.


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