Iguana Power Kit + 90% HHC Cartridge - Iguana Smoke
Iguana Power Kit + 90% HHC Cartridge - Iguana Smoke
Iguana Power Kit + 90% HHC Cartridge - Iguana Smoke
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Iguana Power Kit + 90% HHC Cartridge - Iguana Smoke

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The complete Iguana Power Battery + HHC Cartridge set, from Iguala Smoke, provides an ideal mix of effectiveness and innovation in cannabinoids, by allowing the 510 Battery to be combined with 90% HHC Cartridges, available in various aromas (Amnesia, Gorilla Glue, Gelato , Lemon and Mango). Choose the aroma of the cartridge and we will send it to you along with the battery. Enjoy a first-class vaping experience. High quality HHC vapers. The latest obsession of cannabis plant fans.

With the Battery, you will be able to heat and use your HHC cartridge. Its compatibility is universal, so it can also be used with other liquids or atomizers. It has a power button, with three different uses, depending on how many times it is pressed: 2 to preheat (it takes 15 seconds), three to change voltage and five to turn on. Portable and durable, you can always carry it with you. Adjustable power.

Battery: 320 MaH

Voltage: 2.7v – 3.1v – 3.6v

15 second preheat function

Connection: USB-C

HHC cartridges offer a unique vaping experience, based on innovation in cannabinoids, the natural components of the cannabis plant or hemp plants. These 90% HHC cartridges are connected to the battery and discarded once the fluid has been used up. They contain approximately 300 puffs and have been designed for people who are constantly searching for something different.

What is HHC? HHC is a semisynthetic cannabinoid (obtained from natural precursors of the cannabis plant) with a chemical structure very similar to THC and discovered by the American chemist Roger Adams in 1940. There is a wide range of derived products on the market. Iguana Smoke's HHC cartridges are among the best HHC products on the market and meet all quality standards. Enjoy a unique experience with this legal product.

Ingredients. Isolated HHC from 90% industrial hemp (900mg in 1 ml of product) and natural terpenes. Don't miss out on trying the Amnesia variety, one of the most powerful and well-known cannabis varieties in the cannabis industry.

Collectible product.

If you have any other questions about the benefits of cannabis, you can consult our frequently asked questions by scrolling to the end of our home page . On our website you will find a wide variety of products from the natural cannabinoid CBD, which we market in formats such as hemp flowers or cannabis oil.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Roberto Gutiérrez
bastante bueno

Producto maravilloso,lo único que no me mandaron el regalo por pedidos de mas de 50€

Ismael Pérez
Cuestión de calidad!!!

Suavecito y rico rico...