¿Por qué el pod desechable de CBD es la alternativa al eliquid que estabas esperando?

Why is the disposable CBD pod the alternative to eliquid you have been waiting for?


Vaping is an unstoppable trend. According to data from Fundación Civismo, a think tank that analyzes the parameters of individual freedom in society, the number of vapers between 2016 and 2019 in Spain has doubled. And according to the Union of Vaping Promoters and Entrepreneurs, more than half a million people used this type of device in Spain in 2020. Added to this data is mere observation: we see vaping on the subway, at music festivals, in the movies ... The vaping experience is here to stay.

The use of CBD through this route enjoys great acceptance. Among other things, because, according to studies on bioavailability in countries where the direct intake of CBD is regulated, inhalation of CBD vapor is the fastest method to notice the benefits of the non-psychoactive component of cannabis.

In some countries, such as the UK, public health guidelines encourage doctors to recommend vaping to their patients as a way to wean themselves from tobacco nicotine.

With all this information on the table, it is natural that in ProfesorCBD, the number 1 store of CBD products for well-being in Spain according to Forbes magazine, you will find both herbal and resin vapers as well as CBD eliquids for electronic cigarettes. However, now we want to welcome a newcomer to our catalogue: disposable CBD pods . These small, light and portable vapers come with the liquid included and are for single use. This is the perfect product for those who vape CBD occasionally or simply lack the patience to charge the vape every time it runs out. For convenience and simplicity, disposable CBD pods are unbeatable.

You will find them at ProfessorCBD available in nine flavors (Banana Ice, Banana Kush, Berry Ice, Brownie, Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Mango, Marshmallow and Melon Mint). Each pod contains 150mg of CBD in 2ml of product. The rest of the ingredients are typical of a quality eliquid : propylene glycol (fluid that allows the transmission of flavor) , vegetable glycerin (a natural alcohol extracted from plants with moisturizing and thickening properties) and aroma.

We review the advantages of the disposable CBD pod compared to the traditional eliquid vape.

Disposable CBD Iguana Pod pods at ProfesorCBD.
  1. Comfort

CBD Iguana Pod disposable pods fit perfectly in a pocket . They are light and portable. In addition, they come with a charged battery, which will last the entire useful life of the vaporizer without the need to recharge it (800 puffs, approx.). Once depleted, you don't have to learn how to replace any fluid: the pod is thrown away.

  1. Simplicity

There are fancy, high-tech, ultra-sophisticated vapers ( we love the PAX3 here ), but not everyone handles them well. Many prefer simple devices, which are not made up of different parts with unpronounceable names or have to learn to disassemble by watching YouTube tutorials . Our Iguana Pod is for them: take it out of the box, use it and throw it away.

  1. Sustainability

Clean-burning technology, anti-leak design, low-consumption battery... Manufacturers of disposable CBD pods have worked hard to make this format the most ecological option despite being single-use. And they have succeeded! ProfessorCBD applies all these optimizations in its disposable pods.

  1. Price

Without a doubt, one of the great advantages of the disposable Iguana Pod pods that you will find at ProfesorCBD . During the month of September they will only cost €14.95 !


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