Vapear CBD: ventajas del e-liquid frente a otros formatos

Vaping CBD: advantages of e-liquid compared to other formats


CBD eliquids are like that low-key friend who does everything right and never brags about anything. Overshadowed by oils (they're so cool ) and flowers and creams (so sexy), we're here to give eliquids the place they deserve. In fact, they are the preferred format for users looking for an immediate effect for their pain or other disorders that CBD is associated with improving. Vaping CBD implies, among other things, speed in the action of cannabidiol and the perception of its benefits. Remember that until Sunday at 11:59 p.m., we have 2 for 1 KamikaCBD e-liquids at 5% CBD, with the 2VAPES coupon.

More Reasons to Vape CBD

The main reason, without a doubt, is the CBD itself. This substance present in cannabis, 100% safe, legal and non-psychoactive , is linked to a host of physical and mental benefits, according to studies. There is ongoing research on its potential to tackle insomnia, pain, anxiety, inflammation or epilepsy seizures . And, in all cases, the results are encouraging. In addition, user testimonials are shaping a great wave of CBDiana wellness that is already unstoppable. Vaping is recognized as its fastest mode of use: it works in 15 minutes. And it is part of an experience that, by itself, is already relaxing for many.

In countries like the US or Canada, where the direct intake of CBD is regulated, they resort a lot to the following study to explain the effectiveness of vaping. According to a team of scientists from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, who published their results in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeuytics , the bioavailability (ability of the body to absorb the substance) of THC is 18% when inhaled and 6% when ingested ( in the form of a cookie, for example). Despite the fact that THC and CBD are totally different (the former is toxic and psychoactive), the way in which the body absorbs them would not have to differ, according to scholars, since both are the star components of the same plant, the cannabis.

maximum purity

Take a look at the ingredient list on all your CBD products – none simpler than eliquids. The highest quality ones, as is the case with our KamikaCBD line , only contain three ingredients: propylene glycol (the usual fluid in all eliquids, which allows, for example, flavor transmission) , vegetable glycerin (a natural alcohol that is extracted from plants, with moisturizing and thickening properties) and CBD. Our eliquids also contain CBD in two different concentrations: 5% (500 mg in 10 ml) and 2.5% (250 mg in 10 ml). There is no cheating or cardboard in its formula. All the substances that make up ProfessorCBD eliquids have passed rigorous quality and safety controls.

relaxing experience

As we have mentioned, vaping, in itself, is a relaxing act, so doing it with CBD is relaxation squared. Like any calm experience, it has a point of enjoyment: in this case, sensory. Where does the taste of strawberry, melon, banana... take you? All are aromas available in our KamikaCBD eliquids.

Lemon flavored CBD eliquid with 5% CBD, from KamikaCBD.

Safe and socially accepted eliquids

In the UK and France, doctors are defending the recommendation of vaping for people looking to wean themselves from nicotine. In Spain, vaping without nicotine is allowed in all public spaces. This makes it possible to use CBD for those who do not want to carry their little bottle of oil in their bag and use a few drops in public or carry some flower with them, with the risk of the buds being confused. CBD eliquids are a very comfortable format for those who want to avoid attracting attention.

What do you need to vape CBD?

In addition to your CBD eliquid, you need a vape to pour the liquid into, which will heat up and turn into an aerosol, ready to be vaped. Vapers are more resistant and powerful than electronic cigarettes, they come in different shapes and have a longer useful life, hence their somewhat higher price. They also allow you to live a more complete experience.


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