Tokio 2020: los primeros Juegos Olímpicos de la historia en los que se usa CBD

Tokyo 2020: the first Olympic Games in history in which CBD is used

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will go down in history for many reasons. One of them is that, for the first time, participating athletes can use cannabidiol (CBD) to improve your sports performance. The use of this substance in sports competitions has been allowed since 2020.

In fact, CBD or cannabidiol is an ally of elite athletes . Figures such as soccer star Megan Rapinoe have publicly declared themselves users: her own sister runs a CBD brand. In  ProfessorCBD , the first e-commerce in Spain for products derived from cannabidiol according to the magazine Forbes, We celebrate this step forward. And, among our ambassadors, we have athletes who attest to the benefits of the substance. It is the case of Álvaro Martínez, sailor and former Spanish sailing champion, who has been using one of our CBD oils for a year.

The most popular formats for athletes They are oils and creams. ProfessorCBD It also has the only CBD oil on the market that incorporates GABA into its formula ( Buenas Nochezzz, from hakuna Oil ).

As for creams, their effect is immediate, while oil acts more in the medium term. At ProfessorCBD we have the Athletics sports gels , with heat and cold effect, for before and after training, respectively. Both moisturize the skin.

For all this, it is not surprising that in the most peculiar Olympic village in history, CBD has ceased to be an open secret and has become a shared experience , completely legal. For the before and after. “In my case, I use the gels on my legs, arms and lower back after each regatta,” concludes Álvaro Martínez. Welcome to CBD.