Crema hidratante con CBD para una piel bonita: Mi experiencia

Moisturizing cream with CBD for beautiful skin: My experience

Moisturizing creams with CBD from the plant Cannabis Sativa They are revolutionizing the wellness market. They are suitable for sensitive skin and irritated skin . Quickly absorbed, they hydrate dry skin after a gentle massage. The line hakuLab CBD Cosmetics, from ProfessorCBD, is formulated with more than 90% natural ingredients. In addition to keeping skin hydrated, topical CBD is used for its sebum-regulating properties (anti-acne action): hence, in our cosmetic line, we have a facial treatment for young skin with a tendency to fat accumulation. Our other facial, that of mature skin , is formulated with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring ingredient that protects the skin from aging, almond oil, with moisturizing properties, and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that promotes skin repair. Both are for sale in pharmacies.

This is the testimony in this regard from Laura, 43 years old, resident in Extremadura and stockbroker, who has introduced the Facial Cream for Mature Skin with CBD, Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter, from hakuLab CBD Cosmetics, in your daily care routine.

My boy was a buyer of ProfessorCBD's CBD flowers, and in one of his orders he received some samples of this moisturizing cream with CBD. I always have skin problems: tightness, redness... many problems. And I've always used sun protection... I'm even overwhelmed by the amount I put on, even factor 50. But nothing, my skin was still dehydrated. I have tried a lot of creams and none of them worked for me. I drink a lot of water, I eat well... Well, nothing, I used the two samples of the CBD facial treatment that you sent along with the flower, and from the first day my skin felt very hydrated. So I immediately bought it. This was a month and a half ago.

And, in this time, why would you say that you have managed to improve your skin?

I touch myself and there is no dryness anymore (only when I get out of the shower, maybe because of the hot water). But the rest of the time… I'm hallucinating. Because my skin is very sensitive, and they have never been able to tell me why. Well now I have it super hydrated and without redness, the two goals that I have been pursuing for years.

How often do you apply your CBD moisturizer?

I use it twice a day: in the morning and at night. Since I work at home, I finish early in the morning, put on the cream and go for a walk or play sports. And at night, I clean my face with micellar water and put it on again. I was afraid that two applications would be too much, but it has a light texture and I haven't noticed any excess oil. So I'm going to continue like this.

Is this your first experience with CBD cosmetics?

Yes. I've never tried it before. And I have spent money on creams: cheap and expensive. I was already terrified of buying them! But none had ever worked for me.

How did skin problems affect your life?

Do you know what happens? That I have always had them. So I'm used to it. When I was younger, when my friends started wearing makeup, with layers and layers, I was the typical one who couldn't wear anything. So I settled for some powder, a little mascara and lips. I can't try things, because everything affects me. The problem, above all, was aesthetic. What happened is that I became obsessed with the cause of this skin reaction. They told me: “What if it's the heating?” And I changed the heaters... What do I know: when it wasn't one thing it was the other.

Would you like to try other CBD products?

Yes. I would be delighted. For example, a gel.

If you have bought so many creams in your life, you surely pay attention to the ingredients. Which ones would you highlight in your hakuLab Cosmetics CBD moisturizer?

The truth is that I don't pay attention, but my boy does. And when we discovered that just with the sample sachets this cream already changed my skin, we ran to compare its ingredients with those of other creams I had at home. There are two that differentiate it: CBD, of course, and shea butter. From now on I will always look for them in the creams I buy.

Do you share it with your boy? It's unisex!

No, but it's good to know (laughs).

What other sensations does using this CBD facial cream awaken in you?

The moment of applying it is pleasant. You put it on and you feel light, good... And I love the smell. But the most important thing is that its effects are noticeable by touch: now I touch my face and I can't stop. I have a super smooth complexion!

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