¡Hash Week!  Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre la resina de CBD

Hashweek! Everything you need to know about CBD resin

He CBD hash is a unique product that seduces many CBD users who want to experience the powerful benefits of cannabidiol . With a pasty appearance and a color that ranges between dark brown and amber, it is the result of the concentration of the resin present in the cannabis plant: above all, in its trichomes, which is what we popularly call the hairs of the plant. In case you missed Natural Sciences that day, we remind you that resin is an organic secretion of plants which usually serves as their natural defense. 'Hashish' is a synonym for cannabis resin.

There are various ways to extract the resin from the plant: some more technological and cutting-edge, others more artisanal and romantic. Each grower has arrived at theirs after a lot of time of research and resources, which is why they usually consider it a confidential matter.

As with all our CBD products, they are derived from hemp and not marijuana. Thus, a THC level of less than 0.2% is guaranteed, and one that is especially high in CBD and other legal cannabinoids. The concentration of cannabidiol in our La Cordobesa resins ranges from 9.5% to 14.72%. Namely: aromatic hemp hashish with 9.5% CBD La Cordobesa Hash , Hemp Charas Lemon Haze with 14.72% CBD La Cordobesa Hash and Hemp Charas OG Kush with 14.72% CBD La Cordobesa Hash . We also have Lemon Haze La Generosa hemp hash with a permanently reduced price .

As with the rest of our CBD formats, such as oil, aromatic flower or eliquid of CBD, CBD hash is made with organically grown hemp and EU certified seeds. The majority of our CBD hashish comes from the fields of Andalusia.

Hash is like your fresh cologne for everyday life; charas, the perfume for an important night.

A religious origin

The first documented mention of hashish dates back to the 12th century, in Cairo, in a document that alludes to its use as an edible product related to religious ceremonies of Islam. Asia, with Nepal and India at the helm, continues to lead the way in its production, with extraction methods as picturesque as rubbing cannabis plants with your own hands to extract the resin balls (locally, known as 'charas'). Hash made the leap to Europe in the 19th century, through clubs that linked the use of the substance to artistic or literary creation.

We remember that, unlike the original hashish, Both our CBD flowers and resins are classified as aromatic products. Furthermore, they do not come from marijuana, but from industrial hemp, so they are completely legal products.

But… what exactly is charas?

Good observation. You may have noticed that at ProfessorCBD we have two CBD charas in the resins category : Lemon Haze and OG Kush. Although they are not exactly the same... While CBD resin or hash comes from the dried plant, charas is extracted from the freshly cut plant. As it comes from live plants, the product is usually more aromatic and rich in terpenes. The other fundamental difference between our resin and our CBD charas is that the second is a more resinous extraction, with more juice from the plant, while La Cordobesa hash is a dry and granulated product, easier to handle and better aromatic entry. Hash is like your fresh cologne for everyday life; charas, the perfume for an important night.

Hemp Charas OG Kush with 14.72% CBD · La Cordobesa hash
CBD OG Kush charas, with 14.72% CBD.

Finally, if we stop specifically at our CBD hash, These are what our clients value: “Earthy smell, with a citrus and acid background. It is reminiscent of the smell of the earth when you turn the field. I recommend it to be watching a movie, in your moment of disconnection at the end of the day,” says one of them about our CBD OG Kush Charas