Diferencias entre el CBD y el CBG

Differences between CBD and CBG

When many were beginning to learn the three wonderful letters, CBD, the acronym for cannabidiol, specialized stores have begun to mess it up with another succession of letters, CBG, short for cannabigerol and star component in two of our flowers: La Cordoba CBG and The Christmas Cordobesa . The first, with 8% CBG and a fruity smell, has a silvery appearance due to the reflection of its trichomes. The second, with 5.7% CBG, barely has THC (<0.01%) and is our only international seed (organic cultivation from Portugal), so imagine how much we liked it… The question is: What are the differences between CBG and CBD?

A quick refresher: what is CBD?

As we have said on occasion, The Cannabis Sativa plant has two very popular varieties: hemp and marijuana. The first is used to make textiles, paper or cosmetic products, while marijuana stands out for its recreational use (it is not the only one), due to its high level of THC, responsible for what we vulgarly call the high Well then: our CBD comes from goodie of this couple, hemp, and is the second most abundant active ingredient in cannabis, responsible. It is a completely safe substance, with no described side effects or risk of causing dependency.

And in these, CBG appears: what is cannabigerol and how are CBG and CBD different?

CBG is another of the main cannabinoids in Hemp or Cannabis Sativa L. and is derived from the acidic version of CBG, CBGA. As the plant grows, almost all of the CBGA is converted to THCA or CBDA. At harvest time, CBG values ​​are usually very low. This cultivation method is changing, since the commercial success of CBG is leading to work being done on strains with a higher percentage of CBG.

Regarding the organoleptic differences between CBG and CBD, CBD flower is more powerful and sophisticated, while CBG gives off a more discreet aroma and looks less showy. Now, do you go further when you dress elegant and long-waisted... or are a good tracksuit and a carefree attitude not a trend among the coolest people on the planet? Well that: be cool, be CBG.