Flor de CBD a domicilio y en menos de media hora: ProfesorCBD llega a un acuerdo histórico con Glovo

CBD flower at home and in less than half an hour: ProfesorCBD reaches a historic agreement with Glovo

Until now, there were two ways to buy CBD flower or cannabidiol in Spain: online or by visiting a physical store. Today, ProfessorCBD, which was already the first e-commerce of products derived from cannabidiol that started in this country, opens a third way: through messengers Glovo . At the moment, the service is only provided in Madrid.

At ProfessorCBD we have reached a pioneering agreement with the famous express delivery company : supplying flowers (or any other CBD product) to the people of Madrid in record time, between 25 and 40 minutes after ordering on your app. An unexpected visit, a small personal crisis, a miscalculation of what was in the 'pantry'...? Pizza and CBD. The Cordobesa is the only flower in its catalogue. It will be for something…

Cooler, tote bag and La Cordobesa flower.

At CBD flowers, Classified as an aromatic product, they resisted entry into Glovo. In part, because of the unfair stigma surrounding this totally safe and legal natural ingredient. In part, too, because no company had tried it with the highest standards of self-demand . Thus, at ProfessorCBD, we once again break down a barrier, convinced that our clients deserve to enjoy this popular delivery service. We went from delivery in 24/72 hours through our website to delivery in 25 minutes with Glovo. They will continue to be Discreet and odorless shipments, in opaque envelopes.

He agreement between ProfessorCBD and Glovo It has been possible thanks to total transparency about our company's processes and products. All our CBD flowers , with less than 0.2% THC, as required by law, They have analytics that guarantee it and is available to the end user through a QR code that directs them to our website. We work with seeds certified by the European Union and nearby and sustainable Spanish crops. The flowers of ProfessorCBD , of the La Cordobesa and La Generosa brands, They are subject to exhaustive quality control, with rigorous testing by qualified personnel. With that information and the legal advice that supports it, our dream (and that of our clients) becomes a reality: CBD flower goes from the field to your home in a single click. 

Furthermore, to all our clients who buy  products by Glovo , we give you a tote bag or cloth bag for this summer. And, for orders over 40 euros, the favorite gadget of Australians, a neoprene to keep your can or bottle cold while you walk palmetto on the beach. They call it cooler. We, the invention

CBD: safe, legal and 100% natural

Cannabis is made up of hundreds of substances, but two of them are the most important: THC, which is psychoactive and responsible for it being considered a narcotic, and CBD or cannabidiol, its formal brother, that neither places nor hooks.