Cogollo de CBD: ¿el tamaño importa? ¿Y el origen?

CBD bud: does size matter? And the origin?

The CBD flowers of hemp plants are composed of CBD buds of different sizes: the largest ones are located at the top of the flower (the usual ones from La Cordobesa, of high quality), while the small ones are in the upper part of the flower. the bottom. These CBD buds have grown less due to their own nature or due to environmental conditions (probably, they have received a little less light or nutrients during cultivation). In nature it happens as in life: some grow up and become Zumosol's cousins, and others are small and funny, due to genetics or diet. The question we often get asked in this regard is: with CBD buds , does size matter? Can a high concentration of CBD be diminished due to size?

The small buds of cannabis flowers have the same aroma and properties as their large counterparts, but they may certainly have a slightly lower concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids. It doesn't always happen. There are some varieties that, due to genetics, tend to generate smaller, but super powerful buds, as is the case of La Cordobesa Limonera . Others, on the contrary, produce naturally large buds, like our latest harvest of La Cordobesa Vikinga .

However, given the risk that CBD buds lose cannabinoid concentration in their mini version, at ProfessorCBD we offer you the best small discounted buds, in packs of 10, 15, 30 or 50 grams . Check out the variety of buds available here, which includes excellent quality indoor buds. A fabulous opportunity to try €9/g flowers, from indoor crops and with high levels of CBD, for less than a quarter of their value. As you will see, whether size matters or not becomes a relative question.

The rest of the parts of a hemp plant are stem , seed and leaves. Unlike marijuana buds, the CBD buds of this variety of cannabis plant do not cause psychoactive effects, due to their low amount of THC (below 0.2%). Not in vain, it is known as legal marijuana. No psychotropic effects, no side effects. CBD is a natural product that is used all over the world for its beneficial effects.

Now, let's talk about the origin: Spanish bud beats Swiss bud

Not all legal cannabis is the same. Regardless of its size, the origin of CBD buds matters. Our recommendation is that you always opt for CBD buds from Spain , Italy or Portugal , in which you will find high quality. The CBD buds of Swiss origin that are currently abundant on the market stand out, on the contrary, for their opacity. The laboratory analyses, unintelligible, are too simple and from unrecognizable laboratories: it is important that your cannabis buds are accompanied by an exhaustive analysis from an independent laboratory that you find using Google, as is the case with our Spanish-grown CBD flowers , among the best flowers on the market. The obscurantism of the Swiss bud , increasingly common in Europe due to the facilities of the Swiss Government regarding its cultivation, is replicated in the production methods. You will often read that CBD flower of Swiss origin is greenhouse grown: a greenhouse cultivation method with natural light. However, Swiss greenhouses are not the small, controlled spaces in which CBD is grown in Spain, Italy or Portugal, but rather huge warehouses where factors as important as pests or humidity levels are practically impossible to control.

In conclusion, it is important that you know that all hemp buds are different from each other . And, precisely, size is not the characteristic that most determines the quality of the product. Cannabis Sativa is a plant that, like all plant products, absorbs part of the substances present there from the soil in which it is grown. Therefore, if you want CBD buds of the highest quality, it is important that they always come from organic cultivation, with seeds certified by the European Union and cannabinoid analyzes available. All La Cordobesa flowers meet these standards. Free of heavy metals.

To the eye and to the touch, the aromatic CBD flowers stand out for being rich in trichomes or hairs (this is a sign that terpenes are abundant - substances responsible for the good aroma of the plants and with their own extra benefits), having an intense aroma and present a crunchy and sticky texture. Here you can consult all our varieties of La Cordobesa flowers . Dense buds, organic farming, quality product.