CBD y dosificación: cuánto aceite usar para que funcione

CBD and dosage: how much oil to use for it to work

CBD and dosage: how much oil to use to make it work

You may have heard about the benefits of CBD oil and have questions about what the correct dosage is for you. Regarding CBD and dosage, the first thing you need to know is that each person needs a different amount depending on their characteristics and the benefits they want to achieve. The doses of CBD in oil have to be adapted to each individual. Furthermore, it is important to take into account whether or not we are accustomed to its use, since it is recommended to start with low doses and then adjust them.

Each person needs an adequate dose of product to achieve the desired effect. In some cases, this is noticeable after a few minutes. In others, it is necessary that the use of the oil drops be prolonged over time. Just as not all of us fit well in the same garment or a single size, the needs are different depending on your individual factors. We recommend writing down your sensations in a diary: in a matter of days, you will have an accurate view of whether you have achieved the desired effects. CBD oils have no psychoactive effects or side effects

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In addition, the percentage of cannabidiol in your CBD oil is also involved in the formula. The high-quality hakuna Oil oils , made in Spain with natural ingredients and with the European Certificate of Organic Agriculture, have different percentages of CBD to adapt to any need. You can find them at ProfessorCBD with concentrations ranging from 5% , 10% , 15% and 30% . The middle ground is oil with a cannabidiol density of 10%. Its continued use (daily dose) is designed to last about two months.

What is CBD oil?

What is known as CBD (cannabidiol) is a molecule extracted from a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant known as industrial hemp. For commercial use, it is extracted from the resin of the leaves and flowers of the plant . For this purpose, two methods are used: using C02, the most widely used extraction method, or using ethanol.

Using cutting-edge, high-precision technology, C02 is modified, which, when interacting with hemp, separates the substance we need. This fact allows the collection and capture of CBD. Meanwhile, the C02 passes through a circuit to reach a capacitor that returns it to a liquid state that allows it to be reused.

To maintain its properties and effects, what is done is to dilute the solution in oil, which allows it to be preserved and refined with the ideal dose. At hakunaOil we use a triple oil base of olive oil, hemp oil and MCT oil . CBD oil is not the same as seed oil, the former being much more beneficial.

What dose can I start with?

When talking about the recommended dose of CBD oil , we recommend a small initial dose that you could increase little by little, depending on your needs and the concentration of the product. If we start with a 10% oil, our average recommendation is 6 drops per day . The majority of its users report improvements with this dose.

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If you already have a cannabis vegetable oil with a concentration of 5% CBD at home, the optimal dosage would be different. With one with a 30% concentration, you may have enough with one drop of oil in the morning and another in the morning. Reserve high doses for low CBD concentrations.

The way to distribute the dose of cannabidiol oil depends on each person: for some it works better to use the drops before going to sleep and others prefer to divide it into three uses throughout the day (morning, afternoon and night). Remember that CBD is a completely safe substance: don't be afraid to experiment with your times of use until you find what works best for you.

How long will it take me to notice the benefits of the oil?

We recommend that you be patient. Some people notice them within minutes of using their CBD oil, while others need up to two weeks to do so. If you have waited that long and still do not notice a change, consider using other CBD products, such as CBD gels or cosmetic creams , also for topical use.

What types of CBD oil are there?

ProfessorCBD you can find a wide range of oils with CBD so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In the case of MCT-based and GABA-based oils, there are different concentrations that users can choose from.

MCT-based oil rich in CBD

Created from extracts of organically grown hemp, this CBD oil is formulated with a base of MCT, popularly known as coconut oil. It is a product highly valued by athletes.


Combines CBD and GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid) with a base of MCT and olive oil.

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pet oil

A supplement for pets with isolated CBD oil from organically grown European industrial hemp.

Which CBD product should you buy?

ProfessorCBD, the leading CBD ecommerce in Spain, we recommend that you bet on our products, reviewed in reference magazines such as Forbes, for their quality. At the same time, we advise you to support local production. In Spain, excellent oils with CBD are generated that, as in the case of hakunaOil, have ingredients that come from organic farming, a farming system in which natural cycles are respected and where biodiversity and animal welfare are protected.

Choose products without preservatives. CBD oil does not need them. Their properties remain intact without the need to add them and without the possible risk of their properties being modified. Additionally, if you are vegan, you can use the CBD in hakunaOil oil with confidence.