Aceite CBD: opiniones de un formato en auge

CBD oil: opinions of a growing format

CBD oil (short for cannabidiol) has emerged as an exciting option in the vast landscape of cannabis-related products. With its growing popularity, opinions on this format are as diverse as the reasons that drive people to use it. From natural enthusiasts to those looking for a refuge in their daily lives, CBD oil , without psychoactive effects, has captured the attention of many. Current legislation allows the sale and use of CBD oils in our country, as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC.

In Spain, the CBD oil market is experiencing significant growth, reflecting the growing interest in this natural product. According to a report from the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), sales of CBD products in Europe reached approximately €450 million in 2020, with Spain representing a considerable portion of this market. It is estimated that sales of CBD oil in our country have grown at an annual rate of 25% in recent years . This upward trend reflects a steady increase in demand as more people discover the potential benefits of cannabidiol oil. According to data from Prohibition Partners, a consulting firm specialized in the cannabis market, the Spanish CBD market is expected to reach 120 million euros by 2024. This increase in popularity not only evidences the growing acceptance of CBD in Spanish society, but also the trust of users.

Another natural product whose interest is growing in parallel with CBD oil is hemp oil, which although it does not equal it in benefits, is a very interesting seed oil, both for gastronomy and for the skin. Both oils come from the same variety of cannabis, but hemp oil is obtained by pressing hemp seeds, while CBD oil results from a meticulous process of extracting cannabidiol from the plant.

Bet only on high quality

The highest quality CBD oils contain cannabidiol derived from certified organic hemp (variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant with less than 0.3% THC), which has had to be grown with seeds certified by the European Union. This is the case of all hakunaOil oils , which also have analyzes from independent laboratories or third-party tests (accessible by a QR code printed on the box) that reflect that the amount of CBD advertised is totally real. No psychotropic effects, no side effects.

These are the opinions of some of our regular customers of CBD oils, which you will find in our online store under the hakunaOil brand, in percentages ranging from 5% (the lowest concentration, for a gentle introduction into the world of CBD) 30% (high concentration, the CBD oil of the great solutions). Depending on the method of preparation, these can be Broad Spectrum (CBD and other terpenes and cannabinoids) or Isolated (CBD only). There are quality controls in the laboratory where they are formulated to guarantee the quality of the product and the safety of its ingredients.

“CBD oil is my little moment of zen in a hectic world. I apply it every night and, since then, everything flows in a different way” (Ana, 32 years old).

One of the aspects of CBD oil most highlighted by satisfied customers is its versatility. Its liquid format allows easy dosage, as well as rapid action, which stands out for being maintained over time . With a suitable oil base , such as olive oil or coconut oil, high quality and effectiveness are guaranteed.

Personal experience plays a crucial role in CBD oil preference. While some users celebrate its immediate effectiveness, others appreciate its ability to integrate seamlessly into their daily routine.

“What I like most about CBD oil is that I can always carry it with me, which is more complicated with flower. I even use it in the office” (María, 28 years old).

However, not everyone enjoys the aroma of hemp, which is why at ProfessorCBD we launched hakunaOil peppermint oil , which is also 0% THC.

“I can't stand that country smell. Wherever the freshness of mint is…” (Javier, 37 years old).

In addition to aroma, discretion is another factor that influences the choice of CBD format.

“My hakunaOil bottle is discreet and does not attract attention. Of the oil concentrations, I stick with FS 10%, my comfort zone. And I don't need a high dose to notice the effects” (Lucía, 26 years old).

Quality CBD oil is usually formulated with other beneficial elements, apart from those derived from the cannabis plant. In the hakunaOil one, you will find it with a triple oil base, which includes our blessed olive oil as a carrier oil, and added tocopherol (vitamin E). There is even a specific line with GABA, a natural neurotransmitter, recommended for night use. The use of high quality raw materials and the absence of heavy metals ensure that oils and other derived cosmetic products are safe and effective.

“CBD oil drops have changed my life. I can't imagine my daily routine without them” (Pedro, 50 years old).

Other interesting CBD formats are CBD flowers, sports gels and vapes . What is your opinion on cannabis oil? Leave it in the comments of this post, and let's share all the profound benefits of hemp plants.