hakunaOil Premium CBD Oil 10% Full Spectrum with MCT base
hakunaOil Premium CBD Oil 10% Full Spectrum with MCT base

hakunaOil Premium CBD Oil 10% Full Spectrum with MCT base

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HakunaOil and hakuLab in pharmacies

At ProfessorCBD, the CBD company number 1 in Spain According to Forbes magazine, we have been working, since 2018, to guarantee the quality, traceability and transparency in each of our products. Therefore, we are convinced that our hakunaOil CBD oils and hakuLab CBD-rich creams They can help your pharmacy grow, giving your customers the opportunity to access effective, safe and natural CBD products. All our products have the National Pharmacy Code. In addition, we will accompany you during the sales and post-sales process, resolving any questions that arise along the way and offering answers to your questions and concerns. Shall we revolutionize the wellness industry together?

If you are a pharmacist and want to place an order or receive more information about our products, as well as offers and benefits for your pharmacy, write to us and we will respond as soon as possible:

What is CBD?

He CBD (the abbreviation for cannabidiol) is one of the more than 100 components present in the cannabis plant (specifically, its hemp plant variety, with hardly any THC), and is found in variable proportions depending on the strain. It is also one of the most researched cannabinoids due to its multiple benefits. Does not produce psychoactive effects and it is allowed in all sports competitions.

Our CBD products have been manufactured with high-quality organic hemp from organic crops, a sine qua non requirement for product quality. No side effects.

hakunaOil CBD oil in pharmacies

Seven oils for integral wellness with different concentrations of CBD. Includes a specific line, called Good Nightzzz, and a 0% THC mint-scented oil. With added tocopherol and triple oil base (olive oil, hemp oil and MCT oil). High concentration of CBD.

There are two types of oils, Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum and Isolated: at ProfessorCBD we have both. The Isaac Peral National Innovation, Research and Science Award, 2022, places our wellness jars among the best on the market.

It should not be confused with hemp oil, which although it contains hemp, does not include among its ingredients its CBD component, a much more beneficial natural substance. Our cannabidiol oil has a QR that leads to a product analysis, where the user observes that the CBD levels are faithful or even slightly higher than those advertised.

If you are a pharmacist or work in a pharmacy and want information about CBD oil or place an order for your selection of products, contact us by email . We have gift units for your first order, samples of the mint-scented oil and vinyls and explanatory brochures, as well as a product display for the point of sale.

HakuLab CBD cosmetics and sports gels in pharmacies

The line hakuLab CBD Cosmetics includes Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cream for Mature Skin, Anti-Acne Facial Cream for Young Skin and Milk for Great Body. The range of cosmetic products closes with the line hakuLab CBD Athletics which includes Winning Heat Effect Sports Gel and Cool Effect Sports Gel, ideal for tired legs: both in tube and roll-on format.

  • More than 90% of ingredients of natural origin.
  • The highest CBD concentration on the market.
  • Transparency in the mg of CBD by product, an unusual practice in the sector.
  • It contains other natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, almond oil or shea butter. Here you can consult the  complete list.

If you are a pharmacist or work in a pharmacy and want information or place an order for our wide range of products, contact us by email . We have vinyls and explanatory brochures to encourage conversation at the point of sale, as well as a sample kit.

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