Los productos de CBD favoritos del equipo de ProfesorCBD

Favorite CBD products from the ProfessorCBD team

In the season of giving and self-gifting, we read reviews on Amazon to choose the right product, we trust the stores that Google shows us and we opt for brands that do things well (sustainability, transparency, quality...). Giving as a gift is an important act, which defines us and the recipient. But we are not always right: in Spain, two out of every ten people they return the gifts they receive n. That's why. gift tickets or cards have become popular, like ProfessorCBD , which is being a hit with our clients this Christmas. Another criterion for choosing the right product is to listen carefully to the heavy users, regular users of a product who know in depth its effects and benefits. In these days of buying and buying, We have asked part of the ProfessorCBD team (some amazing people in the field) about their impression of our store online, as well as the reasons for your choice. We hope it guides you on your path to choosing the most suitable CBD product for each of you.

Borja Iribarne, CEO and founder of ProfessorCBD. "He CBD oil with 5% GABA, from the Good Nightzzz line from hakuna Oil. It's the one my mother and wife use. If they are happy, I perform more. Interpret it however you want, hehe.”

José Luis Pérez, Junior FS Developer: “The flower of CBD La Cordobesa Candy Kush. Why is it going to be? Because it smells so good!”


Begoña Campillo, Chief Marketing Officer: "The sports gels with CBD hakuna Oil Athletics . To compensate for the banquets we had on the office terrace at noon, when I leave ProfessorCBD I go straight to the gym. And these creams are my ritual before and after sports. A joy.”

Cold Effect Gel with CBD 400mg · hakuna oil CBD ATHLETICS

Joaquín Peña, Chief Technology Officer: "He Hakuna Oil Men's Care CBD Beard Oil . With how soft it is now, I have my wife touching it all day… my beard.”

CBD beard oil

Luis Pulido, Ecommerce Manager: "He PAX 3 vaporizer . Being able to use it in the office is one of the peculiarities of my job. That, and the boss force every Friday to take a little flower home to evaluate its attributes. Ufff, how hard.”

Miguel Escribano, Chief Operating Officer: “My fetish product is oil hakuna Oil Full Spectrum with 15% CBD , an essential complement for my hard workouts. If you saw the boxes of merchandise of ProfessorCBD who helped us get up and down our warehouse, you would understand.”

Tessa Serrate, Marketing Assistant: “My favorite product is facial cream with CBD hakuna Oil . It's super hydrating, so it's perfect for me in the winter, when my skin tends to get drier. And, above all, I like it because thanks to the benefits of CBD it has helped me a lot with my pimples, and now I have almost perfect skin.”

Andrea Ruiz, Community Manager: "He Hakuna Oil CBD Oil in any of its concentrations. It doesn't save my life, but it makes it easier. I complain the same... but with a softer voice. And my colleagues appreciate it.”

Ana García Moreno, Head of Content: "The hakuna CBD hand cream Oi l. Don't read this, boss: I don't know how many empty bottles I already have on my table. But there is a phrase that works for me: have beautiful hands and you will write beautiful things.”