Nace hakuLab Cosmetics, nuestras cremas cosméticas ricas en CBD... mejoradas

hakuLab Cosmetics is born, our cosmetic creams rich in CBD... improved

Something good is about to happen. We have been working for months in our laboratory on the reformulation of our cosmetic creams and sports gels rich in CBD . The goal when we started this mission was always to make a more effective product , but also more sustainable and natural, respectful of the planet and our skin. And we can say that we have achieved it! Additionally, for the first time, we will offer a facial cream for young skin with all the benefits of CBD (it is ultra-hydrating and sebostatic - it attacks acne -, among others). Throughout this month, we will present the new products, under the brands hakuLab Cosmetics and hakuLab Athletics , which you can buy on our website or in pharmacies. For now, here is a preview of this new experience for your skin.