Flores de CBD 'indoor': ventajas del cultivo de interior

CBD flowers 'indoor': advantages of growing indoors

CBD flower i indoor or CBD flower greenhouse? Without a doubt, each one has its audience. But growing CBD indoors has that exclusive point that users like so much CBD flowers . They explained it very correctly on a website specialized in CBD information: cultivation greenhouse (in a greenhouse, with natural light) is like that person who trains in parks and street gyms, while growing indoor or indoor (in closed places, artificial light) is equivalent to the type or type that pays the gym membership plus cool from the city. Both will get stronger, but each in their own way.

Advantages of the flower indoor ? Each cultivation process can be millimetered, since the environment is closed, pests do not sneak in, you are not at the expense of the climate... It is a production tailored to the grower. “The genetics are better preserved,” says Miguel Escribano, head of B2B at ProfessorCBD and a great connoisseur of production models. Inside, CBD production is much lower, Yes, it requires superior control that could not happen on much larger scales. This means that the price is somewhat higher, but at ProfessorCBD we have found the solution: throw a Indoor Pack at a reduced price for those who want to try all our indoor flowers. Namely: 3 grams of Amensia Haze, Super Limonera, Candy Kush and Tiki Taka for only €86.7 (15% cheaper than if purchased outside the pack).

Other characteristics of legal indoor cannabis

In our catalog it also happens that all our indoor flowers have a high CBD content. Friendly reminder: Cannabidiol is studied for a vast number of benefits . Although if, directly, what you are looking for are the flowers with higher levels of CBD, we remind you that for this we have the Pack 18 La Cordobesa :  all with more than 18% CBD, Coincidences of life: the three flowers are also indoor.

Aesthetically, the buds that grow from CBD flowers grown indoors are a little smaller than those grown outdoors or greenhouse. Besides, They have a higher density of trichomes: That is, they are more compact and rich in contrasts. Its stem is thinner. And its shade of green, somewhat lighter than the rest.

CBD flowers grown indoors They have less fertilizers and agrochemicals, because the enemies to fight, being in a closed environment, are much fewer. This does not mean that outdoor ones contain toxic elements: at least, in our store. All our crops are organic and subject to exhaustive quality controls. However, for that part of the public that seeks more naked agriculture, with fewer additions, indoor cannabis is undoubtedly an ally. Finally, They have a richer smell in nuances, due to their greater variety of terpenes. “Control over the climate achieves impeccable organoleptic results,” concludes Escribano. In short, give a crop love… and it will return it in spades.

These are some of your comments about our indoor CBD flowers:

The Cordobesa Tiki Taka . “This flower has surprised me very pleasantly. It has an intense sweet smell. The buds are large in size with a light color, perfectly dried and with an outstanding presentation. I had never tried CBD flowers, and it has been quite a discovery” (Eduardo Frechilla).

La Cordobesa Super Limonera . “Well pressed buds. Great quality” (Marcos Alonso).

La Cordobesa Super Limonera . “With a citrus and enveloping aroma, it makes me feel better” (José Turba)